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Dr Liam McGrath

Dr Liam McGrath

Dr. Liam McGrath BDS, D Imp Dent RCSEd

In 1994 I moved from Omagh to Liverpool to study dentistry, and after a rigorous 5 year course graduated and got right to work in general practices. I went on to become a partner in an NHS practice before moving on to more advanced aesthetic dentistry such as veneers, crowns, smile makeovers and gum lifts.

Dentists never stop studying, and during my further training I met some peers who introduced me to dental implants. I was immediately struck by the quality of the results achieved and the truly transformative effect it had on the lives of patients. I knew I had found the area I wanted to specialise in.

I travelled the world learning from the very best in implant dentistry, first training in Manchester before doing courses in New York, Florida and Virginia before coming back across the pond to study in Europe. I absorbed everything I could from leading dentists such as Dennis Tarnow, Maurice Salama, Michael Pikos and Tidu Mankoo. If you're reading this as a patient, those names probably mean nothing to you, but if you're a dentist then you know what an honour it is to have trained with them. read more

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